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Call Today on 01773 832 164 (24/7) For Calm & Caring Dentistry in Alfreton, Derby

New Patients

Try before you buy – your first dental examination is FREE

We like to do things differently at Glendair Dental Practice, that’s why we don’t charge our new patients for their first appointment. Check virtually every other dental website and you will see that new patient appointments can cost quite a bit. We don’t think that’s fair – how do you know if you’re going to like your dentist until you’ve put them to the test?

The door at Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton, Derbyshire is always open to new patients, who are encouraged to visit us for an unhurried initial visit that examines their mouth, teeth and gums in detail to determine their health. If you do require an x-ray, that’s the only thing you’ll pay for.

This comprehensive examination, which also includes mouth cancer screening, takes around 30 minutes, giving your dentist plenty of time to get to know you and you them. Following your dental examination we will provide an estimate of proposed treatments, if necessary, giving you complete visibility and choice.

If laughter is the best medicine, a confident smile is the best cure. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Are you a nervous patient?

We hear only too often that people are afraid of the dentist and this is something we work very hard to avoid. We particularly welcome nervous patients and offer conscious sedation, plenty of time for appointments so that you don’t feel rushed, and a genuinely friendly chair-side manner.

We used to see lots of nervous patients. Now they’re just happy customers. Read more about how we helped them to overcome their fears.

“I Didn't Know There Could Be Such A Caring Side To Seeing The Dentist”

“I Didn't Know There Could Be Such A Caring Side To Seeing The Dentist”

“I used to be incredibly nervous about going to the dentist. I was terrified of the drill, the pain, having someone pulling at my teeth but here everything is so relaxed, I didn’t know there could be such a caring side to seeing the dentist. They treat you like a human being.

I have only recently joined the practice and was recommended by a friend who goes to Glendair. So far I’ve had a bridge, whitening and hygiene – I’m hooked!

When I went out I used to hide my mouth when I smiled because I had a gap in my teeth that I was worried would show up on photos. If anyone had a camera I used to put a piece of chewing gum in the hole or put my hand in front of my face.

Having the treatment has been so worth it. It has given me a real boost.”

"I Feel A Lot Better Coming To The Dentist Now"

“Before coming to Glendair, I hardly had any teeth because they were all decayed and broken. I didn’t like coming to the dentists – I didn’t even like the smell and I used to sweat as soon as I sat in the chair.

I went to many different dentists to try them all out until I found Glendair. I met Matt, who I felt comfy with as he’s a nice person. He’s understanding and I feel a lot better coming to the dentist now.

To fix my teeth, I’ve had them capped and I’ve also got false ones. It just makes it easy now they’re on a plate. I think they are brilliant. I’m very impressed with them and I wouldn’t swap the results for anything.

If someone had shown me a photo of my teeth as they are now before coming to Glendair, I wouldn’t have believed that they would’ve been able to sort my teeth! I am over the moon with the results and I would say that they have changed my life – I can now smile!”

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  • Straight Teeth Success Stories
  • Dental Implant Success Stories
  • Straight Teeth Success Stories

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