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Dental Implant Care

Looking after your implants

If looked after properly, your implants should last as long as your natural teeth. Dental implants need caring for slightly differently to your natural teeth and this is where our hygiene team will help by providing an individual programme of care. Consider them your personal trainers during your implant treatment!

Implant patients at Glendair Dental Practice Derbyshire are given a personalised implant care kit that will include special interdental brushes and super floss, an air flosser and Oral B 5000 electric toothbrush with Smart Guide to help keep their new implants strong and healthy.

The help and advice you will receive from your Glendair personal trainers, Michelle, Sarah and Lauri will show you the best ways to care for your new implants to ensure their long-term success.

Although dental implants are ‘false’ teeth, they still need special care. It is vital that you remove all the plaque from between your replacement tooth and gum to prevent any inflammation or swelling of your gums. If the plaque isn’t cleaned away effectively, this could lead to bone loss – and that will mean that your implant can become loose.

Brushing after implant placement

At Glendair Derbyshire we advise our patients to brush their teeth as normal as soon as possible after implant placement but to avoid the surgery area for the first week. You should use a soft bristled brush. Brushing will prevent infection and stimulate tissue healing.

We will recommend special brushes that are designed to reach the area where your implants meet your gums, as well as interdental brushes and floss to clean between your teeth and your new implant tooth, bridge or denture.

If you wear a denture, please leave it out if instructed to do so and do not use fixative around the healing area.

Whether you have a single implant, implant bridge, or implant denture, how well you care for it is critical to its long-term success. If you have any concerns, please ask us for more information.

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